Diana Vizcarra


Innovators of the 21st century might come from unexpected places. Visual impairment is no barrier when technology and creativity intersect. The world needs blind innovators! The blind input data without visual association and download blueprints of their surroundings to format a mental database. They categorize patterns, textures, and conditions to perceive their location in space. They are able to capture the beauty of the world through poetry and predict future trends through past experience – all without visual access to the physical world they inhabit.

This writing was possible because of collaboration with Angie Menjivar.

Author/Artist Bio

Diana Vizcarra is a 28-year-old Latina female – a visionary without sight. She lost 95% of her sight at the age of 23 to VKH Syndrome, an extremely rare autoimmune disease. In spite of this challenge, her vision as an evolving entrepreneur is ever-expanding; she views education as the bridge that connects her to others and she seeks to educate and inspire her team and clients with her story. New possibilities are on the horizon as she prepares to undergo a stem cell treatment and enthusiastically embraces the possibility of her optic nerve being regenerated to improve her sight. She is also venturing into the art of writing books to share her unique perspective

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Creative Commons License
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