Jeff Fajans


Quantified Self isn’t really about finding answers or solving problems—it’s about asking new questions.

Author/Artist Bio

Jeff Fajans is a third year PhD student at Claremont Graduate University studying Positive Organizational Psychology. He is passionate about researching the cognitive and social mechanisms that facilitate learning, creativity, and innovation in individuals and groups. An avid self-tracker and participant in the Quantified Self movement himself, Jeff’s current work focuses on how and in what ways smartphone technologies can be leveraged to promote self-development, creative insight, and prosocial behaviors in the workplace. You can read more about Jeff’s thoughts regarding the intersections of personal technology and positive psychology by visiting his website: Jeff.Fajans.com. If you have questions about starting your own self-tracking project, you can reach him directly by emailing him at: Jeffrey.Fajans@cgu.edu.

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Creative Commons License
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