Today’s students exist in a visual world. A new semiotic language has emerged in the digital age. It consists of an ever-evolving vocabulary of signs and symbols that one can rapidly decipher. Icons represent applications and functions on a plethora of modern devices. Sounds indicate changes and the start and end of activity. The exposure of new audio and visual media are part of everyday communication, now more than ever. The Arts teach our students to better perceive these cues and the information that they deliver.

Author/Artist Bio

Meghan Reilly Michaud is a current RISD Trustee, and past Alumni Association President, who has been a tireless STEAM champion. Meghan’s petition to support House Resolution 51 in support of STEAM can be seen here: http://beta.congress.gov/bill/113th-congress/house-resolution/51 . In addition to her RISD degree in Graphic Design, Meghan holds an MEd in Secondary Education from Salem [MA] State University. She became a National Board Certified Teacher in Visual Arts in 2009. Meghan teaches fine arts at Andover (MA) High School. In addition, she is the principal of Visual Identity Studio, a freelance graphic design business focused on print, interactive and packaging for a variety of corporate and nonprofit clients, http://visualidentitystudio.com/

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Creative Commons License
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