My paintings of construction workers tell how they transform the world, turning old buildings into ghosts using jack hammers and wrecking balls. From their daily labor, they give birth to the new structures. Buildings, bridges, the houses we live in, give us a feeling of security needed to perform our daily tasks. The luxury of stasis, manifested brick by brick by laborers, is assured to be provided to those preoccupied with the function of these structures. Observing them working has given me the chance to look into another world, a constantly fluctuating world that lays the foundation for my own.

Author/Artist Bio

Alex Vietti is an award winning artist who has been recognized in painting, drawing and animation. After Receiving a BFA in Drawing from Northern Illinois University he continued his education in San Francisco and received his MFA in painting from the Academy of Art University. His work has been displayed in fine art galleries around the country and has been featured in publications and can be seen at alexvietti.com. He is also an accomplished filmmaker and animator receiving acclaim for his short films.

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