The practice of being conscious about the environment and how shadows, light, and movement create an intellectual space for different interpretations allows the viewer to make their own associations. Concrete, the ground that people of different shades walk on, to one person can look and seem like an ethereal and unknown environment, but to another may seem like a moving body of liquid. When artists stop and look at the simple things such a concrete, and water, or passersby they can capture a moment in time that transcends the mundane and suddenly the artist is in a position to present a new lens to the viewer. In this way, the artist as a photographer becomes very much like an alchemist… changing the basic raw material into art. This utilizes the actual scientific composition of the material itself but the way it is presented is in itself an artistic practice: reality manipulated.

Author/Artist Bio

Tiffany D. Randle is a multi-media artist and has shown her work across various platforms. Recently, Tiffany produced a visual story on the life of individuals in Skid Row and is now venturing into the abstract art world, and is exploring color through paint in order to expand visual perception. Much of this artist's work delves into the concepts of light, shadow, movement and water and the ways in which art can freeze a moment in time. Tiffany is a senior at California State University Northridge specializing in Media Management and Photojournalism

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Creative Commons License
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