Jaguar Sun


Cymatics, is derived from a Greek word, meaning "wave", is a subset of modal vibrational phenomena. The term was coined by Hans Jenny, a Swiss follower of the philosophical school known as anthroposophy. This is a visual representation of the frequency field. I created this piece from acrylic on canvas based on the subtle energies I can see and feel.

Author/Artist Bio

Anya was born in Argentina. She quickly embraced her heritage and has been studying art since a very young age. Her curiosity for the arts started at home while she studied her father as he painted and mixed color in oil. Specializing in portraits and landscapes, her father became an established painter in Mendoza Argentina. At the age of eight, Anya witnessed her mother’s dream come true as her parents moved her and her brother to the United States. Anya’s love for the arts broadened as her skills became more precise. Her passion to grow as an artist continued as she enrolled herself at Ringling School of Art & Design located in Sarasota, Florida where she studied Fine Art and Illustration. Here she focused her studies on some of her favorite areas of art which include sculpture class, 3D form and fine art acrylic and oil painting. In 1992 she was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery and passed while on the operating table then came back to life a few minutes later. This experience altered her consciousness about life but didn't remember anything that happened. Her clarity from the experience came to her when she all the sudden could absorb all the colors in the nature around her more vividly than before. She then decided to dedicate herself full time as a painter specializing in acrylic painting with a new vested interest in mixing art, science and spirituality into her paintings. She started a series of Holographic Mandalas which were shown to her through lucid dream states combined with deep meditation practices which allows her to retrieve messages that tell the story about her paintings and how to use them as a visual meditation tool to balance left and right brain. Anya later publish her book after confirming the information about work in the science community. In 1995, Anya opened up her own gallery in Sarasota FL. In 2006 Anya relocated herself to South Florida where she continues to show her paintings around the US and abroad. Her book Holographic Mandalas Meditation Tools for Conscious Living was published in 2006 and features mandalas.

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Creative Commons License
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