Inner Beauty


The artist references images captured by electron microscope photography of Dopamine, DNA, and the process of Mitosis (specifically occurring in the human body). Through the use of photoshop the artist was able to manipulate the images of Dopamine, DNA, and Mitosis to create low polygonal artwork. The artist created 15,000-30,000 individual triangles, piecing them together using photoshop to create the images that they were referencing. The body is an amazing spectacle rarely looked at from within by artists. Many find beauty on the surface of the body, but when explored further, the body has much more to offer. The artist is focused on bringing out the beauty from within the by echoing patterns, symmetry, and rhythm, that were used to create breathtaking anatomical structures. Science, Art, and Technology come together in this series to inspire the audience to look deeper than the surface to see beauty.

Author/Artist Bio

Kayla Darbyshire is an award winning artist residing in Louisville, Kentucky, who has been recognized for videography, digital painting, and mixed media. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Art from Bellarmine University, Kayla continued her education in Louisville, receiving a Masters of Science in Digital Media. Her work has been displayed in galleries and businesses in the United States and she continues to seek publications and exposure across the U.S. and in journals.

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Creative Commons License
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