One might wonder how intuitive art can connect to neuroscience and how this could be accomplished. In this descriptive article, research connecting art therapy and neuroscience has been collected and a workshop on Intuitive Painting has been described in detail. The connection was made by the author based on an article by Barker (2017), ‘4 Rituals to be more Happy,’ who writes a popular science blog. The rituals: gratefulness, expressing negative emotions, decision making and human touch were combined with Dr. Pinkie Feinstein’s method of Intuitive Painting in a small group setting. Although subjective, it would seem that at least for that moment in time, a small amount of happiness was achieved through combining art and science.

Author/Artist Bio

Audrey Gran Weinberg has an Advanced Diploma in Therapeutic Counseling (CPCAB), and an MBA. One of her goals in life is to help relieve the suffering of others, partially through coaching and counseling, and also through creative expression, in the form of “Intuitive Art workshops.” In addition, she is grateful to be employed at AMSIB (Amsterdam School of International Business) where she coordinates and develops new programs for Bachelor students in the field of Personal and Professional Development.

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