Title - Into the Woods – environmental problem solving through STEAM lesson planning


The STEAM conversation takes on new urgency in the preservice university classroom due to its potential for synergistic problem solving of real world problems. The visual and performing arts invite creativity to be understood as social practice and aesthetic flexibility and the assessment of the practice through student/student and student/teacher curiosity building. In this article pedagogical praxis is centered on the critical issue of climate change caused by global warming. The praxis addresses:

  • University preservice candidates’ arts-integrated teaching and learning focusing on climate change,
  • Provocative rewriting of beloved fairy tales, and
  • Preservice candidates’ emerging understanding of interdisciplinary lesson construction in STEAM

Arts-integration interdisciplinary experiences require students to assume greater responsibility for their learning through a wider repertoire of communication than in a non-arts integrated classroom (Lynch 2007).

Author/Artist Bio

Author’s Bio Dr. Laura Fattal is an Associate Professor in the Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Education in the College of Education at William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey. Dr. Fattal teaches the Creative Arts and Children’s Literature and Arts and Creative Methodologies and Assessments K-6 courses for preservice teachers. In collaboration with colleagues in math, science and technology education, she is designing a graduate program in STEAM education. She has published extensively on arts integration and interdisciplinary arts-based learning.

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Creative Commons License
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