Danny Goler


Contemplation on how we construct meaning.

Author/Artist Bio

Danny Goler is a film maker who lives in Los Angeles, CA. He is originally from Moscow, Russia, and lived in Israel for 17 years of his life. He spent his youth being very active, mostly in martial arts and rollerblading on half pipes. But his core love was always science and understanding, in particular physics and the Hard Problem of Consciousness. Danny’s main interest is the study of experience itself, in all its forms and expressions. His life’s goal is to bring more awareness of our inner world in a way that outlines our ability to transform the world and expand our understanding of ourselves. He believes that the deep misunderstanding we carry of our true nature and potential are the things to rectify before we can become an interplanetary civilization, or do anything on bigger scales than what we did so far. Currently Danny is working on the development of a film revolving around his core interests, runs a clothing Brand called f*ck it BRAND™, which represent the idea that by nourishing our creative expression, we will reduce the level of our collective anxiety, prepares for a role in a movie he was cast for which will be shot in Israel, and trains for Ninja Warrior Israel. In his spare time Danny always likes to stay active. He’s been practicing Parkour for the last 8 years, was one of the finalist on American Ninja Warrior, he writes poems, acts, cooks, and meditates with some retreats sprinkled here and there.

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Creative Commons License
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