Languages and linguistics are powerful skills that enhance STEAM curricula and careers. A variety of approaches and methods to language teaching and learning inform educators how to proceed with the enhancement of STEAM programs. Linguistics, the science of language, can help STEAM students, especially within the science and mathematics components, because of its reliance on hypothesis formulation for scientific inquiry and data collection and analysis. Language, an important aspect of the human experience, elevates or picks up the STEAM experience.

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Keith Mason, Ph.D. is an educational consultant based in New Providence, New Jersey. He specializes in curriculum, language education, phonetics, Romance linguistics and musicals across the curriculum. He has published extensively about languages, linguistics and musicals in the interdisciplinary curriculum and is currently writing a book Musicals across the Curriculum: Interdisciplinary Pathways to Learning. Dr. Mason is the recipient of eight Paper Mill Playhouse Rising Star Awards for Educational Impact for integrating musicals into the high school curriculum and supporting state curriculum standards.

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