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A personal reflection about synesthesia

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My name is Amy Rogin. I am a Makeup Artist, a Published Writer/Music Critic, Philanthropist and Photographer. A lover of all things aesthetic, I capture each moment give it a voice, and form. I have worked in the Entertainment Industry for over twenty five years in Production Design, Print, Commercial, Film, Music video, Branded Video and Web Content . I have served as a Key Makeup Artist on over 150+ episodes of Cable and Network Television. In this Industry, the biggest compliment I can receive is being rehired by the same Production Companies, Networks and Talent repeatedly. So, I virtually have to spend very little time seeking work, and for this I consider myself truly blessed. I have a unique ability in creating a safe, healing environment behind the scenes, which has generated an exclusive client base. I have a strong work ethic and a holistic approach to all I do. As an Advocate and steward for all life on this planet, I bring my love for the Arts, Healing and Philanthropy; and insert them into every role in which I serve. Even in the World of Entertainment. I serve on the Boards of Directors for several Charitable Foundations that focus on the Arts, Education, Mental Health, Children’s Health and Women’s Empowerment. www.whitelotuscreative.com

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Creative Commons License
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