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Biology (CMC), WM Keck Science (CMC), Biology (Pitzer), WM Keck Science (Pitzer), Biology (Scripps), WM Keck Science (Scripps), WM Keck Science

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The bat fauna of 25 Antillean islands is presented as a species presence-absence matrix, and used to construct a large population of randomized null-model matrices by Monte-Carlo simulation techniques. Comparison of the observed data matrix with the randomized population reveals a statistically significant departure from randomness which is interpreted as evidence of community structure. The Antillean bat fauna is marked by a pattern of high species co-occurrence, with endemics dominating in the northern Antilles and undifferentiated South American taxa dominating in the southern Antilles. The 'checkerboard' distributions which have been identified in the bird populations of some tropical archipelagos are absent in Antillean bat fauna.


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