Integrated Magnetic and Global Positioning Satellite Mapping of the Firestone Reserve, Costa Rica

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Biology (CMC), WM Keck Science (CMC), Biology (Pitzer), WM Keck Science (Pitzer), Biology (Scripps), WM Keck Science (Scripps), WM Keck Science

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High-resolution topographic mapping of the Firestone Reserve, southwestern Costa Rica, has presented a number of challenges resulting from the poor-to-non-existent GPS satellite reception in steep canyons and under tropical rainforest canopy. We have successfully employed magnetic survey techniques and data reduction software developed for cave mapping, integrated with sub-meter accuracy, GPS-derived reference points in those areas where topography permits GPS reception. The resulting topographic map is based on an x-y-z coordinate array averaging 284 data triplets per hectare and providing the level of resolution necessary to support microhabitat-level ecological studies.

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