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Summer 2023

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Open Access Dissertation

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Information Systems and Technology, PhD


Center for Information Systems and Technology

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Wallace Chipidza

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Terry Ryan

Dissertation or Thesis Committee Member

Chinazunwa Uwaoma

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Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0 License
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Anonymity, Privacy, Surveillance

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Library and Information Science | Psychology


Privacy is a fluid and ever-evolving concept, studied across multiple fields and with numerous definitions. Privacy research in information systems (IS) is extensive yet has not traveled far beyond the IS realm and fully engaged in the broader conversations being had with regards to privacy. This research seeks to define a larger sense of privacy that integrates the many working definitions across fields, along with related concepts, and to develop an alternative framework that can account for the constant technological and socio-technical changes through which to engage in privacy research. One such framework is developed and tested, grounded in the idea of the relative distribution of digital information decision rights across groups within a society, demonstrating the utility for future-oriented research that allows for active theorization that can adapt to rates of technological progress and resulting socio-technical changes.