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Spring 2013

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Open Access Master's Thesis

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Cultural Studies, MA


School of Arts and Humanities


Cultural Studies with Museum Studies

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Joshua Goode

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Andrew Long

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Henry Krips

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E. J. Bellocq, Storyville, New Orleans, Prostitution, Urban Studies

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African American Studies | American Art and Architecture | American Studies | History of Art, Architecture, and Archaeology | History of Gender | Other Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | Women's Studies


In this paper, I examine E.J. Bellocq's "Storyville Portraits" within art historical and feminist historiographies. One of the most infamously alluring parts of New Orleans at the turn of the century, the Storyville red light district is hardly part of contemporary American consciousness today. Part of my work involves an evaluation of what a lack of archival resources does to perceptions of Storyville and more broadly, the stereotypical late Victorian “fallen women” that has been read into history - both by historians and popular culture. However, my focal point is indeed the portraits and how they might be re-read and fruitfully explored when considering a variety of pertinent factors that influenced representations of sex work in late 19th century New Orleans.