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Yaron Raviv

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The Bermuda health care system involves predominately private insurance based coverage. With private premiums, healthcare costs continually increase. Additionally, the Public Health System financing for those disproportionately affected by the high costs offer little support. The study examines the impact of a government subsidized health care policy implemented in 2009 on the health outcomes of the population. Specifically, the policy targets senior citizens aged 65 and older who often face disadvantaged costs in meeting the needs of their health. Chappell and Penning (1996) demonstrate the role of economic factors as a significant influence on health service utilizations. Using evidence from Chappell and Penning, the study provides a fixed effect regression analysis on health conditions before and after implementation of the program. Results reveal that senior citizens are significantly more likely to report having better health after the policy was implemented. Findings imply that increased government subsidized programs, such as FutureCare, have a significantly beneficial impact on the welfare of individuals in Bermuda.

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