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Sarah Cannon, Ph.D.

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2022 Samuel C. Bogen


The "Quadruple-A" player is defined as one who is too good to play in Triple-A (the league one step down from Major League Baseball) but not good enough to play consistently in Major League Baseball. This thesis paper attempts to explain the phenomenon of the "Quadruple-A" player. Using Triple-A data from 2013-2022 and Major League data from the "Statcast Era" (2015-2022), I build logistic and linear regression models to predict Major League success based on Triple-A performance data as well as Major League Statcast data, discovering that statistics related to how a player hits the ball such as the speed and angle of the ball off the bat, as well as the rate at which a player swings at the ball and misses, but the extent of a player's success in Triple-A does not accurately predict Major League success.

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