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This paper examines the impact of the financial relief packages that the United States government implemented during Covid-19 and whether companies were able to use this relief to gain advantage over competitors. Due to the timing of the relief packages, it is possible that the government was not able to regulate the dispersal of funds to the extent that was necessary to ensure each company received a fair amount. This may have led to smaller companies being able to receive more than their fair share. To examine this, a regression proving the significance of the relief to the health of the companies was completed. Followed by a comparative analysis which proved the idea that smaller companies were able to gain unfair advantages from the Covid-19 relief. The analysis found that the smaller companies were able to use the government relief loans in ways which unfairly improved their standing compared to the industry. This analysis is a starting point for more research into this idea and should influence any similar relief strategies which arise in the future.

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