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2023 Jackson W Gonzales


This paper analyzes outward remittance volumes for Chinese and Mexican Americans to their origin countries: Mexico and China, to evaluate which determining factors influence or dictate outward remittance volumes more adequately. The data set controls household income, birth rate, educational attainment, unemployment, and homeownership rates, and includes World Bank remittance data. Using a lagged OLS regression model, it is concluded that the change in college attainment, homeownership, and unemployment were the driving factors for explaining changes in outward remittance volumes. Additionally, while increased transaction costs did lead to a delay in remittance spending, it did not statistically explain outward remittance volumes. Finally, the paper concludes that for future model specification it is important to collect all robust individual data categorized correctly by ethnicity in the US, as incorrectly identifying and labeling ethnicity can lead to omitted variable bias.

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