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Bachelor of Arts



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Professor Julio Garin


Performance enhancing drugs use in the MLB has been a controversial topic for decades, as fairness and integrity of the sport have been tested significantly throughout this time period. This paper aims to not only find the true relationships of PED use on player performance of both hitters and pitchers in Major League Baseball. Through an extensive review of different literature as well as statistical analysis of the MLB and the many players who tested positive for PEDs. Performance enhancing drugs have been proven to help in many different areas including physical strength, mental focus, muscle recovery, endurance, and so much more. It will also be able to analyze Major League Baseball’s anti doping policies in the decades following the “steroid era.” This study will present true results on all possible outcomes of PED use within the league, and just how strongly steroid use can be correlated with greater success both offensively and defensively. Of course the use of PEDs and the negative image surrounding them comes with a lot of implications including how serious disadvantages and unfairness was created within the league giving steroid users a huge athletic advantage over the others, but perhaps the biggest implication being the public perception of the use of PEDs and how their legacies would forever be tarnished in the sports world.

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