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The coralline algae, Clathromorphum Compactum, holds vital information within its calcium carbonate skeleton that allows for climate reconstruction, making it a climate proxy. This study focuses on analyzing the composition of an algae sample from the Labrador Sea to establish an accurate timeline in order to use the sample as a climate proxy. The research examines the algae's chemical composition alongside other variables that have been shown to correlate with temperature. It also analyzes the conditions of the Labrador Sea to evaluate the viability of the sample as a climate proxy. However, in this specific sample, both magnesium calcium ratios and growth rates did not correlate with temperatures, suggesting that the sample cannot effectively serve as a climate proxy that reflects climate conditions in the environment. Variables such as ice, light, and temperature might contribute to the lack of correlation. The study concludes that specific calibrations are necessary for the sample to yield more statistically significant results.

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