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This thesis investigates the adverse health effects experienced by Latine frontline workers in the fast-food industry, a sector where these workers are disproportionately affected by both physical and psychological challenges. The research was driven by the urgent need to address the health disparities that result from employment in environments characterized by high stress, negative customer interactions, and demanding physical activities. Utilizing a mixed-methods approach that includes historical analysis and quantitative assessment of workplace conditions, this study focuses on the common physical injuries such as repetitive motion disorders, and psychological stresses leading to conditions like depression. The results indicate a high prevalence of occupational injuries, with 29% of workers reporting burns and 25% cuts, and significant psychological distress, with 34% of workers experiencing depression linked to occupational stress. The findings underscore the necessity for targeted health and safety reforms within the fast-food industry to mitigate these adverse health effects. Specifically, the study advocates for enhanced protective measures, regulatory oversight, and the implementation of worker health programs that are tailored to the unique needs of Latine frontline employees. The implications of this research suggest that addressing these health disparities is crucial not only for improving working conditions within the fast-food industry but also for promoting broader social equity. The study contributes to academic discussions on occupational health and serves as a critical call to action for policymakers and industry leaders to prioritize the well-being of vulnerable workers.

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