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In this paper we answer, for N = 3,4, the question raised in [1] on the number of radially symmetric solutions to the boundary value problem -Δu(x) = λu(x) + u(x)|u(x)|^{4/(N-2)}, x ε B: = x ε RN:{|x| < 1}, u(x)=0, x ε ∂B, where Δ is the Laplacean operator and λ>0. Indeed, we prove that if N = 3,4, then for any λ>0 this problem has only finitely many radial solutions. For N = 3,4,5 we show that, for each λ>0, the set of radially symmetric solutions is bounded. Moreover, we establish geometric properties of the branches of solutions bifurcating from zero and from infinity.


First published in Transactions of the American Mathematical Society in Vol 343-2(1994), published by the American Mathematical Society

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