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Environmental Analysis

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As city-goers and residents of urban and suburban spaces, we are constantly on the move. It is no surprise that we often neglect the static trees and plants that seemingly blend into the background of our day-to-day rush to our next destination. Unfortunately, once we do have a chance to pause to take a look around us, or to pause long enough to feel the heat of the sun beaming down on our bare skin, we are decades too late in realizing the absence of trees at the location in which we are standing. This thesis contributes critical insight to these research questions: Does tree canopy cover (TCC) have roots in redlining and environmental racism in Los Angeles (LA)? What can tree canopy cover tell us about residents’ quality of life in LA? What role do trees play in LA’s urban streetscape and pedestrian infrastructure? The goal of this project is to ultimately reveal the disparities in tree cover among the different neighborhoods of Los Angeles and to highlight the implications that result from inconsistencies in tree cover in LA, which put the city’s urban planning and public health priorities into question.