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[There is So Much Blood in Us] is an ambiguously alternate universe in which absolutely nothing is true but almost everything could be. In these poems, tension between the absurd and the possible synthesize into one linguistically and psychologically driving force – discomfort. More than anything, I am writing about discomfort.

America’s media representations of women are almost always defined by a singular, and often sexualized experience. Yet, when I talk to the many wonderful / brilliant / badass / etc. women in my life, most of our truly defining experiences are impressively unsexy. Our womanity, if you will, orbits around the gravitational pulls of maternal relationships, vulnerability, and, yes – also periods. Thus, in these poems I place my anatomy into desexualized and uncomfortable moments, in order to emphasize my human corporeality over my sexual corporeality.

With [There is So Much Blood in Us], I am challenging societal dehumanization of female bodies, and reminding America that our bodies are occupied.

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