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2020 Guadalupe Flores


Growing up with the constant worry that at any time one or both of your parents could be taken away from you is the reality for a lot of families in the U.S.. In the beginning of the decade, these fears were in the shadows ; they weren’t verbalized and there weren’t any solutions. Families just had to deal with the fact that deportation could become their reality. These are real issues happening in our current political climate. Due to the increase of anti-immigrant rhetoric and deportation over the past decade many families don’t know where to go or what to do when ICE shows up at your door. In this paper I will reveal the traumas of what it is like to live undocumented or in a mixed status family. In part one of this paper I will examine some of the larger and smaller scale issues that affect both undocumented and mixed status families. In part two, I will uncover how these organizations are remediating some of the issues mentioned in part one: how do these

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