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Open Access Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts


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Politics and International Relations

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Marina Pérez de Mendiola

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David Andrews

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This thesis examines the relationship between immigration and far right-wing popularity in Europe, specifically France and Spain after the 2015 migration crisis. Comparing data from several European Union countries after 2015, a pattern is identified that when immigration increased, so did the representation of far right-wing parties. This thesis then details a nuanced analysis of two case studies, and the underlying reasons why far right-wing parties gained popularity in France and Spain. This thesis also examines the roots of present-day democracy in France and Spain, and how they contribute to current social understandings of national identity, which have led to increases in xenophobia in France and Spain which far right-wing parties have benefitted from. To conclude, this thesis also offers insight into why this trend might be a warning of a larger European issue of a backlash against an increasingly multicultural Europe.