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Computational studies of the two square planar, isomeric complexes, [(NCN)Pt(Me)ax(Ph)eq]+ and [(NCN)Pt(Ph)ax(Me)eq]+ have been carried out (NCN = 2,6-bis(diethylaminomethyl)phenyl, (R)ax = axial, (R)eq = equatorial). Experimentally, it has been shown that [(NCN)Pt(Me)ax(Ph)eq]+ affords the s-agostic complex [(NC(-Me)N)Pt(Ph)eq]+ in which the platinum forms a σ complex with the aryl-methyl bond. Computationally, this barrier is found to be far lower than the barrier to either toluene elimination (which requires energetically prohibitive phenyl rotation) or isomerization to [(NCN)Pt(Me)ax(Ph)eq]+. In contrast, the [(NCN)Pt(Me)ax(Ph)eq]+ shows high, similar barriers to toluene formation, aryl-phenyl coupling, and isomerization to [(NCN)Pt(Me)ax(Ph)eq]+. Experimentally, toluene formation is observed. Insights from our computations as to why the toluene pathway is the most favored will be discussed.

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