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Campus Only Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts

Reader 1

Laura Johnson

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Nancy Macko


Within the field of user experience and user interface, different types of font manipulations (e.g. size, color contrast, font type) have yielded different results on fluency and memory. Factors such as size and color contrast have shown to increase fluency and memory, while other studies have shown that these factors actually have no effect on a user’s fluency and memory. This paper aimed to further understand a different type of text manipulation, bold text, and how this can have an effect on users who are interacting with a web page interface. Participants were asked to engage with ten different web pages, some with bold text and others with no bold text. Their feelings of fluency and memory of the different web pages were tested with a series of questions. Results showed that bold text did not influence their memory recall. However, results showed that participants were slightly more stressed when looking at the web pages with no bold text. By interpreting these results, we can aim to create better experiences for users when interacting with interfaces. The results from this study also adds to the existing literature of other text manipulations and their effect on fluency and memory.

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