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There has been limited research on the radical flank effect (RFE) in social movements, however, the research done provides a foundation for understanding the dimensions that influence the outcome of the RFE. Caveat. This paper applies the previously established RFE research framework in the case study of El Estallido Social (the Social Outbreak) in Chile to evaluate the RFE outcome on the movement. I hypothesize that the RFE outcome in El Estallido Social was positive. Based on observational data, news articles, and secondary data including polls and statistics, the I establish the existence of a RFE, and then examine the different dimensions that explain why the RFE outcome occurred the way it did in my analysis. By evaluating the dimensions that explain RFE outcomes, the analysis reveals the positive RFE outcome on the movement overall. The paper then suggests another dimension to expand the RFE framework and applies it to El Estallido Social. In the conclusion, I reflect on the RFE outcome and how El Estallido Social changed Chilean society.