The Patterns of Yarning is a 3-minute digital visualisation that's based on the accompanying sunrise themed sonic yarning audio.

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Adam Manning is a musician, educator, has Kamilaroi family and the Conservatorium of Music Coordinator, University of Newcastle, NSW. He is endorsed by leading US percussion Instrument maker: Latin Percussion, has trial instruments for Roland Japan and released over eight albums through major labels. He has led Australia’s first music and robotics workshop for school-aged students, producing a series of social collaboration works with prominent Australian artists, publishing several practitioner-based performance examples for social media, and presenting on Indigenous narrative yarning techniques and their transfer to artistic collaboration. Sara C. Motta is a proud mestiza salvaje of Colombia Chibcha, Polish Jewish and Celtic lineages. She is a mother, storyteller, poet, activist-political theorist and popular educator who convenes the Politics Discipline at the University of Newcastle, NSW. Sara has worked for over two decades with communities in struggle forging emancipatory and decolonising pedagogical practices and resistances/re-existencias in, against and beyond the Modern University in Europe, Latin America and Australia. She has published widely in academic and activist outlets, including her latest book (2018) Liminal Subjects: Weaving (Our) Liberation (Rowman and Littlefield) winner of the 2019 best Gender Theory and Feminist Studies book, International Studies Association (ISA).

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