This program included a summer STEAM experience for over 130 Chinese elementary aged children. During the week they constructed and tested an egg drop package, explored the local natural history museum, learned about animal footprints and the habitats they live in, dug up dinosaur fossils, and launched rockets. For many, this was their one of their first formal experiences with STEAM activities. The experiences provided a positive introduction or continued support for STEAM at the primary level.

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Dr. Francis Stonier is an Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction at Southwest University in Chongqing, China. Dr. Stonier’s primary research interest is in STEM and STEAM education. Other areas of research interests include international education, online learning, education policy, and geographic information systems. While in his most recent faculty position since 2019, he has been developing and conducting STEAM curriculum for teacher training (both in-service and pre-service), along with developing a formal STEM/STEAM program for education majors within the university. All of his developed curriculum has been conducted/tested with classroom teachers, parents, and/or children aged Pre-K through Elementary. He is a firm believer in a student centered classroom and for STEAM learning to begin at an early age.

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