The STEAM Journal editorial in which we present this issue and describe our way forward in furthering transdisciplinary thought and practice in the integration and connection of STEM and the Arts. STEAM is poised to become a critical space of thought and practice in research, education, and the arts in addressing emerging complex and global issues.

Author/Artist Bio

Shamini Dias PhD is the incoming Editor of The STEAM Journal. Shamini has a long and deep history in transdisciplinary spaces, and especially as an arts-integrator. She is an inveterate boundary crosser, connecting semiotics, complexity, ethics, and creative processes from the arts in developing inclusive and justice-oriented practices that disrupt and transform oppressive and limiting legacy systems. As a teaching artist Shamini worked with learners of all ages from 4 through adult, in K-12 and higher education spaces integrating arts-based methods in STEM and other subjects, as well as in corporate spaces using creative, complexity facilitation for communication and leader development. Shamini received her BA in Linguistics and Literature and her MA in Literature from the National University of Singapore, and her PhD in Education exploring imagination in teaching from Claremont Graduate University (CGU). She founded the Preparing Future Faculty program at CGU, pioneering a transdisciplinary pedagogy design for teacher-leader identity development and equity-focused teaching. She is currently the Director of Transdisciplinary Curriculum and Special Projects at CGU.

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