This work found that there exists a correlation between student motivation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and student participation in the arts during high school with self-efficacy being a mediator. STEM is an important component of student success from a broad, national, perspective, as well as from a domain-specific point of view. The results of this work may provide aid to teachers, parents, administrators, and even students seeking to find ways to increase student motivation and performance in the STEM subjects. Additionally, this work may be of interest to advocates of the arts. This quantitative correlational study was done using Hayes’ PROCESS via data resampling via bootstrapping 5,000 times with a 95% confidence interval at a statistical significance at the a = 0.05 level. The results of this study found an indirect effect of the predictor variable of arts participation on the dependent variable of STEM motivation of b = 0.003, 95% CI [ 0.000, 0.009], and a direct effect of b = 0.003 p < 0.05. Additionally, this study found the predictor variable of arts participation was correlated to the mediator variable of self-efficacy. b = 0.006 at p < 0.05.

Author/Artist Bio

Stephen Dahlem grew up in a Catholic household and engaged in both arts and STEM subjects. He received a bachelors in music, a masters in chemistry, and is a doctoral candidate in Organizational Leadership past defense. He would like to especially thank his daughter Aria Grace, his parents Jim and Marion as well as all of the past academics who positively impacted his life. He hopes to be able to return the favor soon.

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Creative Commons License
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