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Today's world is global. However, despite increasing numbers and diversity of participants in Study Abroad programs, only 10% of U. S. college students get that experience. There is an ever-growing need for students to become aware of and experience other cultures, to understand why others think and act differently. Internationalization is the conscious effort, begun nearly 40 years ago, to integrate an international, intercultural, and global dimension into the purpose, functions, and delivery of post-secondary education.

Albany State University began a Global Program Initiative in the 1990s. In 2016, we extended into mathematics the curriculum innovations of this program. The result has engaged students in a serious way, both in mathematical modeling and in cultural research. We have introduced students to new skills of research and presentation. For the past few years we have offered one section of Calculus II in traditional mode and one in internationalized mode, and we have compared results. In this article, we give details of the process and highlight the success of the program. We end with more recent examples from Spring 2020.



i. Refugee Crisis in Greece.pdf (586 kB)
Refugee Crisis in Greece

ii. Unemployment.Nigeria.pdf (1022 kB)
The Unemployment Epidemic in Nigeria

iii. Cardiovascular Disease.pdf (279 kB)
Cardiovascular Disease in the United States

iv. HIV-AIDS in GA.pdf (335 kB)
The Impact of HIV/AIDS in Georgia, USA

v. Abortion in Georgia.pdf (368 kB)
Effects of Abortion in Georgia, USA

vi. coronaviruses.pdf (1777 kB)
Prevention and Control of Coronavirus Outbreaks in the Last Twenty Years

vii. HomeRuns.MLB.pdf (271 kB)
The Increased Rate of Home Runs by Year in Major League Baseball

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