Engaging the World: Differential Equations Can Influence Public Policies


It is with immense pleasure and honor that we present this Third Special Issue of the CODEE Journal where the exciting world of mathematical modeling via differential equations converges with the practical realms of public policies and decision-making.

Differential equations, as powerful tools for describing change and dynamic processes, have long been at the heart of mathematical modeling. As we face the unique challenges and opportunities in the teaching and learning of differential equations in the 21st century, it is important that we share ideas and perspectives that promote pedagogical innovation, technological adaptation, and student engagement. Doing so strengthens our community of practice, which we lovingly call CODEE (Community of ODE Educators). The thirteen articles within this issue offer a diverse array of perspectives and contributions, illustrating that mathematics can contribute to making informed public policies via community collaboration and dialogue, guided classroom explorations, and/or research investigations.

This Special Issue is dedicated with heartfelt gratitude and admiration to Prof Beverly West (Cornell University) a living embodiment of inspiration and mentorship. She has been a powerful guiding force, contributing immeasurably to the success and spirit of this journal. Her passion for promoting the teaching and learning of differential equations and unwavering support have left an indelible mark on our journey. In honoring our beloved Bev within these pages, we celebrate her enduring impact she continues to make on the CODEE Journal.

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To Open or Not to Open: Developing a COVID-19 Model Specific to Small Residential Campuses
Christina Joy Edholm, Maryann Hohn, Nicole Lee Falicov, Emily Lee, Lily Natasha Wartman, and Ami Radunskaya


Applying the SIR model: can students advise the mayor of a small community?
Carrin Goosen, Mark I. Nelson, and Mahime Watanabe


Modeling Aircraft Takeoffs
Catherine Cavagnaro


ODE Models of Wealth Concentration and Taxation
Bruce Boghosian and Christoph Borgers


ODEs and Mandatory Voting
Christoph Borgers, Natasa Dragovic, Anna Haensch, Arkadz Kirshtein, and Lilla Orr


Using a Sand Tank Groundwater Model to Investigate a Groundwater Flow Model
Christopher Evrard, Callie Johnson, Michael A. Karls, and Nicole Regnier