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NetLogo; Draping Fabric; Mass spring systems


We use an agent-based modeling software, NetLogo (http://ccl.northwestern.edu/netlogo), to simulate fabric drape by applying a modified mass spring system. This model provides an application of harmonic motion to textiles and fashion, fields not typically discussed in the undergraduate differential equations classroom. Euler's method is coded into the model to solve a system of ordinary differential equations describing the fabric's position over time. Our interactive NetLogo model allows students to visualize the behavior of the system and to experiment with parameters. We show an example of the success of our program. Students can also experiment with other numerical methods.

ArcDrape.jpg (167 kB)
Arc Mesh Drape Image

Yarn.nlogo (16 kB)
Yarn NetLogo File

Fabric.nlogo3d (24 kB)
Fabric NetLogo File



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