The Humanistic Mathematics Network Newsletter (HMNN) was founded by Alvin White in the summer of 1987. The Newsletter was later renamed The Humanistic Mathematics Network Journal (HMNJ). The last issue of the HMNJ was published in 2004. This is the open access digital archive of the full run of the HMNN/HMNJ (1987-2004).

This journal does not accept new content. A related current journal is the Journal of Humanistic Mathematics.

Image credit: “Enamelled tiles mosaic on the ceiling of the pavilion” by Pentocelo licensed under CC-BY 3.0

Final Issue: Issue 27 (2004)


Please note that this was the final issue of HMNJ, and it was only published online. An archive of that original publication is available here.

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Popular Cultural Portrayals of Those Who Do Mathematics
Carmen M. Latterell and Janelle L. Wilson

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