About This Journal

The term humanistic mathematics could include a broad range of topics; for our purposes it means “the human face of mathematics.” Thus our emphasis is on the aesthetic, cultural, historical, literary, pedagogical, philosophical, psychological, and sociological aspects as we look at mathematics as a human endeavor. More broadly, we aim to provide a forum for both academic and informal discussions about matters mathematical.

The Journal of Humanistic Mathematics was inspired by the work of Alvin White, a former professor of mathematics at Harvey Mudd College. Dr. White was the founding editor of the Humanistic Mathematics Network Journal (HMNJ), a work of love that he almost single-handedly edited and produced for 15 years. Dr. White believed wholeheartedly in the importance of recognizing mathematics as a humanistic discipline and played a significant role in bringing this idea to the forefront of many minds. Though this is an independent enterprise, the Journal of Humanistic Mathematics builds on the spirit and tradition of the HMNJ.

We publish articles that focus mainly on the doing of mathematics, the teaching of mathematics, and the living of mathematics. We also welcome contributions about the state of the mathematical profession (both in research and in education), underrepresentation issues within the world of mathematics, mathematics across national and cultural boundaries, mathematical fiction and poetry, personal reflections that provide insight to the inner workings of the mathematical mind, and other types of writing which may stimulate discussion among our readers. Overall we are a free platform where many different conversations about mathematics are welcome and encouraged.

We hope to serve the whole mathematical community and we wish to encourage the development and sustenance of an equitable and welcoming environment for all individuals, independent of their status within and relationship to the community. Occasionally some of our content might make some readers uncomfortable. We welcome reader responses to content that provokes disagreement.

Please see our Policies page for more information (including specific details on how to submit a manuscript).

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