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A generalised song is a means of drawing parallels between words and music. The parallels are encoded in a mathematical structure, which is interpreted in a verbal structure and a musical structure. Here we develop a number of new techniques for drawing such parallels, in giving two examples of generalised songs, `Relation', and `Merge/Split'.

The first five partials of a note played on a piano are roughly 0,12,19,24,28 semitones above the fundamental.`Relation' is a generalised song, whose musical part is played on a piano, constructed from the mathematical relation 4.28 = 3.12 + 4.19.

`Merge/Split' is a generalised song whose mathematical part consists of the mathematical operations of merging and splitting, the braid relation, and coassociativity.



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Relation.wav (47374 kB)
Relation: the musical part

mergesplitsection1.wav (26478 kB)
Merge/Split: the musical part - section 1

mergesplitsection2.wav (18083 kB)
Merge/Split: the musical part - section 2

mergesplitsection3.wav (13696 kB)
Merge/Split: the musical part - section 3