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Together we combine to become twice what 60 could ever be.
The same ghost looked into my eyes.
Also, the center of the circle is inside the circle.
There is no way to draw a line, other than a border line,
A language as precise as poetry to delineate universe and being,
Deceptive as one over n as n goes to infinity, summed.
The world is a complex system
not defined by any voice factored out of my voicelessness,
the hypotenuse of course is the man who came between us
doubting every figured guess,
so, inductively, all of God’s natural numbers fail.

The poem above comprises lines or phrases from several pieces that were presented at “A Reading of Poetry with Mathematics” on Friday, January 6, 2012, during the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Boston, MA. The sources of the individual lines and the event as a whole will be discussed in the following.



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