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The goal of this paper is to review current research on Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) and shed some light, from a student's perspective, on the challenges and rewards of this pedagogy. The first part of the article provides an extensive review of the literature on IBL. The second part focuses on one student's experiences in an IBL classroom.

In particular, a graduate secondary mathematics student reflects upon his experiences in a college mathematics class where the instructor implemented an Inquiry Based Learning model. His experience is validated by current research on IBL educational methodology which structures the classroom environment for student centered learning. This student reported increased critical thinking skills, higher levels of motivation and engagement, and more retention of content than in other mathematics courses taken. Furthermore, this student believes that he was more invested in his learning, experienced improved conceptual understanding of content, and had higher levels of confidence in mathematics as a result of the IBL experience. As a preservice teacher candidate, he hopes to integrate IBL practices into his future teaching career to improve student learning.



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