Abstract / Synopsis

In our July 2017 issue, we issued an open call for mathematical haiku, which we defined to be a three-line poem in the “5-7-5” syllabic form that expressed a mathematical idea or experience, and hopefully connected it to the human condition. In deference to traditional Japanese haiku, we encouraged poets to consider using allusions to nature or the seasons in their work, or what is known as a caesura or kire represented by punctuations, space, line-break, or other grammatical break that is intended to compare two images implicitly.

We received haiku on an amazing variety of themes and subjects, from many different authors. This poetry folder contains an eclectic selection of mathematical haiku, representing the diversity of mathematical ideas and experiences.




Rights Information

This is a collection of individual works; contributors retain the rights to the material they contributed.

Response to Article

Mark Huber and Gizem Karaali, Math in Seventeen Syllables: An Open Call for Mathematical Haiku