Journal of the Language Association of Eastern Africa

Aims & Scope

The Journal of the Language Association of East Africa (JLAEA) publishes research on language and language use in East Africa. It is the publication venue for the proceedings of the biannual meeting of the Language Association of East Africa (LAEA), but it also accepts submissions independent of that meeting.

The mission of LAEA is to foster high-level scholarship of the scientific study of languages of Eastern Africa, and JLAEA contributes to that goal by providing a venue to publish proceedings from LAEA meetings. It will also serve as a so-called "areal journal," a venue for any scholars internationally publishing work on Eastern African languages.

JLAEA publishes articles in all areas of linguistics, including:

      • Language documentation and description
      • Traditional grammatical/structural analysis (e.g. phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics)
      • Sociolinguistics (e.g. identity, language attitudes, language change, language ideology, etc)
      • Discourse analysis
      • Sociocultural linguistics and linguistic anthropology
      • Language policy (e.g. in government, in education)
      • Applied linguistics
      • Lexicography
      • Theoretical work associated with any of those domains, as applied to Eastern African languages
      • Any other areas pertinent to language and language use in Eastern Africa

Work that provides theory-based analyses is welcome at JLAEA, but an abstract/formal theoretical framework is not necessary for publication. Rigorous and well-organized description and analysis of language is wholly welcome.